Thursday, August 6, 2009

Saké ep

Saké was from Eureka, CA and also released a 10" and a split LP with Vancouver's Submission Hold (I think thats all they released?). Both of which I will most likely post up soon. I don't really know much about the band's history and there really isn't any info I could find on them. Musically they were a bit similar to Dystopia and first album Neurosis at times but with the addition of a violin and female vocals. This 7" came out in '96 or so and was released by the now defunct Hopscotch Records although there is a label with the same name that is currently active. Out of all of Saké's releases I think this is the only one still available through Ebullition so if you dig it order it! (to order from Ebullition you have to spend at least 100$ cos their prices on everything are wholesale prices so you can get a ton of stuff for mad cheap!) So for the mean time enjoy this slab of greatness and look out for their other releases posted up on here soon.