Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chaos U.K. - Total Chaos

So again its been a while since I've posted anything....whatever I got shit to do..... anyway, I realized that there is a severe lack of "vomit inducing distortion" on this blog. so why not have one of the best noise punk bands of all time be the first post in celebration of me having time to do this. So here it is a collection of the early Chaos U.K. material the s/t 12", "burning britain" 7" and the "loud political and uncompromising" 7" in a neat little package (there is also a vinyl version of this with a different title and cover art)....So if by some weird reason you haven't heard this shit click that link NOW.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Corrupted - various tracks

Since the other blog I posted this on is deader than dead it's time for a re-post here.

Formed in 1994 in Osaka, Japan, Corrupted play some absolutely skull crushing sludge/doom with some of the best growled vocals ever (mostly done in Spanish!) and in my opinion are one of the forerunners of the genre. over the years they have incorporated more Ambient leanings but still bring the heavy sludge/doom.

The tracks compiled here are as follows...

1.Inactive (split LP w/ Noothgrush)
2.Reference (split 7" w/ Enemy Soil)
3.Nieve (Twin Threat to your Sanity double 7")
4.Nieve Segundo (split 7" kind buds pic disc w/Phobia)
5.Paso Inferior( 2002 LP version I left out the B side which was the ambient half of the song)
6.Empty(split 7" with Cripple Bastards)

this is just a small sample of their extensive back catalog. Visit their website here.
Buy records here, here, and here. and I'm sure if you do an individual search for a particular record you can find something in a distro or else ebay would be your best bet since most releases are way out of print.

Here are some photos I took of them in November of 2008 when they completely blew me away in Los Angeles (click on them to see full size)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alarido - s/t cassette

So my band members and I talked about it and we decided we would go ahead and share the entire recording with you all especially since we are still relatively unknown. We did however play a couple shows in early January in Long Beach and in Fullerton and we had a special pressing of this cassette of 50 with us for those shows since the pro printed cassettes were still being made. but anyway on to a little info about us....

Alarido is a 4 piece crust/"d-beat" band with some black metal influences and we come from Las Vegas, NV we have all been a part of various projects through out the years. And our bass player even spent some time as a touring member of Resistant Culture in 2008 (name drop heh) In early 2010 the band came to life but wasn't complete until the final pieces of the puzzle fell into place in September 2010 with the addition of a very talented female guitar player and the vocalist. These tracks were recorded in December 2010 and we are in process of writing new material for our second cassette due to come out sometime this year.

the line up consists of...

Ralph - drums
Chelly - guitar
Mike - bass
and myself (Adrian)- vocals

hope you enjoy what you hear and if you would like to purchase our cassette please do so, it can be ordered from here. Distros get in touch as well!

feel free to write a review and re post the link on your own blog, but please mention where you can purchase the tape!!!

also if you are in the Las Vegas area or down to travel we will be having a record swap/pot luck and tape release show on February 26th with 2 amazing bands from Los Angeles.. Mata Mata and Tuberculosis. peep the flyer here.

Friday, December 31, 2010

good riddance to 2010.

Well it has been quite a while since I've done anything here in the virtual world cos I've been busy. One of the things that kept me busy was a band and we have our new tape is recorded and we are awaiting their arrival, in the mean time check out a teaser track here. and order it here.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Saarnaus 2010 demo

I'm posting this up to help get the word out of my friend Touko's new band called Saarnaus. These tracks serve as a teaser for an upcoming demo tape set to drop sometime in the near future. Furious HC in the Tampere tradition. You can download this in just about any format you wish including FLAC, get hyped!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mellakka - R.I.P. the recordings 1984-1986 LP

Took the easy way out on this one rather than ramble on I'll give you the bands History as told by the members themselves.....

"Mellakka was formed in a small Finnish coast/industrial town called Rauma in year 1983. During their relatively short career in the mid/late 80's, the band visited the recording studio three times, resulting two ep's and a three-song demo. A compilation album of these songs was released in 2004 and was named "R.I.P. recordings 1984-1986".

Pete and Jappe were friends, and started the band at the age of fifteen (Pete) and sixteen (Jappe), after spending a couple of years banging on cardboard boxes and yelling into the cleaning brushes in Jappe's father's boiler room. They were also spending time together listening punk rock. Bands like the Ramones, Sex Pistols, U.K. Subs and Lama were the first big names, but the final kick for forming a punk band came when the guys got a hold of Discharge's "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing"-lp, and "Why?"-ep. That was the time when the first Propaganda Records' compilation album was released too, the new Finnish HC-punk bands on that record, like Riistetyt, Kaaos, Terveet Kädet all sounded awesome. Then they had the pleasure of seeing Appendix and Destrucktions playing live at their home town. That was a really influential HC-gig, especially Destrucktions. Without these bands it could have been a really different story.

After getting their hands on some equipment, the guys started to practice in Jappe's parents garage. After practicing for a while, the band was named Mellakka, and the first real line-up was Pete (voc), Kapulainen (bass), Janne (guitar), Jappe (drums). The band was ready to make it's first gigs, and did, but quite soon the vocalist Pete left the band, and joined the other HC-band in Rauma punk scene, Pohjasakka, as a bass player. In the meantime, Jappe met yet another bass player called Holkka. Kapulainen was ready to sing and Holkka naturally took the job of playing the bass. This change seemed to work, and the band sounded much better than before.

Soon Mellakka had enough new songs and it was time to visit the studio. The first "Ei"-ep, was published in autumn '84 by the guys themselves, mainly because nobody else would do it. Almost all the records at that time were published by the Propaganda Records, but Mellakka thought that they should release it themselves. All the other new bands were doing the same, Sekaannus, Massacre and bands like that.

The musical influences of the band can be spotted on the record. There was some disappointments after finishing the ep, it didn't sound nowhere near as great as "Hear Nothing", but at the end of the day the guys had to be more than pleased with the result. Everything in the studio went quite well, for being the first time. The place was called Laser-studio and it was built in an old barn. It was run by a religious fanatic fool, but the guy who did the actual recording/mixing was a hippie called Pertti Palonen and he really has quite a lot to do in how both of the ep's and the demo are sounding... a very nice guy. They have only good memories of him. He is probably the main reason why all of the Mellakka-recordings are made in that same place. The line-up for the "Ei"-ep was Kapulainen (voc), Janne (guitar), Jappe (drums), Holkka (bass). The guitarist Janne left the band right after the ep was released.

Luckily there was a help near by. A guitarist named Perttula, was digging the "Ei"-ep, hard, and was more than happy to join the group. The band continued to practice, made some new songs. Soon it was time to hit the studio for the second time. "Itsenäisyyspäivä"-ep from January '85 was made for Rat Poison Records run by Mr P. Järveläinen. Rat Poison published other punk/HC music too at that time, bands like Kuolleet Kukat. After visiting one practice session and hearing the new songs, Järveläinen reserved new studio time for the band. Only two weeks before the studio, the singer Kapulainen had enough, threw the mic to the floor saying "FYA, I never gonna sing a goddamn note again!", and just like that, it was over for him. Gotta respect that. Well anyways, the band was in trouble, new singers didn't grow on trees as they say. In desperation the guys even called to Mike Poison, who is/was known for singing for the great HC-band called Destrucktions. He promised to visit to the studio, to see what can be done, but didn't sound TOO excited... It was getting clearer and clearer that only one man can do this job.

The band got together with the original singer Pete, and after a long discussion and convincing, he decided to join the band again, and this time he stayed for good. The band did get the practice they needed before the studio and everything went just right after all. The guys thought that the result was far better than the first time around, sound wise, song wise, in all the ways. The band added some guitar riffs, solos and other non-HC-tricks in their songs, which made this record a bit more interesting than the first one. But no success without some losses, soon after the second ep was out, Holkka left the band.

Perttula's good friend Altti was to replace Holkka right away, as the band had some gigs to take care of. First he played the bass, later the guitar. The year '85 went by making new songs again and practicing, maybe more than ever. The absolute best gig was in Helsinki at Lepakko 5.18.1985. With them there were at least Rattus, Maho Neitsyt and Painajainen. There is VHS footage of that gig, but it's recorded so poorly, that you can't really tell what song they are playing at times, but '85-'86 they were at their very best form.

The band tried to find a publisher for their lp, and there was some discussions but that was far as it went and it never came thru. Anyways, the band decided to visit the studio just to make a demo if nothing else and have some fun. The result was three songs (Totuus II, Anti-kaikki, Turhaa taistelua), recorded in five hours, which have a lot of musical influences by metal/thrash scene of that time. This demo was recorded in February 1986, and was never even meant to be released, as they were going to record the songs again later with more time in the studio. The line-up for the demo was Perttula (bass), Jappe (drums), Pete (voc), Altti (guitar). Mellakka had about ten to fifteen other songs from the same period of time than these three songs, but never got the time to record them. Damn shame.

After the demo was made the band continued for some time, but the guys of the band started to get bored with the small town and soon everybody was leaving the place to different directions. It was time to lay the band to rest. Mellakka has practiced together few times after that. Last session was in 1993 when the band got together and played few days just for fun with the line-up: Perttula (guitar), Jappe (drums), Pete (voc) and Sätkä (bass). This is probably the line-up the band would have if they should play together again."

This LP compiles both 7"s and the '86 demo. not sure if the LP is still in press but you can buy the CD and Tape here

Friday, April 2, 2010

In Nomine Christi - Quo Vadis? LP

Germany's In Nomine Christi is the new band of the former Dekadent singer/ bassist Jogi and guitarist Hippy with some additional vocals by Tanja (also ex-Dekadent). The band uses a drum machine and samples as opposed to having a drummer. They play a mixture of the slow plodding pace Crust similar to Amebix meets the Industrial flavorings of Godflesh and early Pitchshifter, they also throw in faster more straight forward hardcore at times. Lyrics are in German and are highly political dealing the negative aspects of church, today's life, media and modern science but with an even more personal touch than they did in Dekadent. All in all this is a solid release and its refreshing to hear bands that don't do the typical punk sound and are willing to experiment a little bit outside the genre's confines. This should still be available from the label here or here or if you are in the US order here

get the 7" here

Thursday, February 4, 2010

busy busy busy

so yea I've been mad busy lately haven't had time for this but I will be back to posting at least once a week when I return from Finland in 2 weeks. also check out Doc, This is Heavy... I have one post up on there so far and more to come in the near future.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Saké 10"

as promised here is the excellent 10" done by Saké. 5 more tracks of top notch dark "crusty" hardcore for those of you into Ojorojo, Zero Hour, early Neurosis, later Anti Product, Dystopiayou get the idea. if you loved the 7" you'll love this.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bleakwood - blood and faith 7"

Another one man band post

Bleakwood from Sydney, Australia is the brainchild of Dan Nahum (drummer for Ironwood and Infinitum. ) But this project is a departure from both bands Ironwood is Progressive/Folk Metal and Infinitum is Death Metal...Bleakwood is 100% black metal and this release has easily become one of my favorite of this year. And as the label puts it...

"Blood & Faith
is a record of extreme juxtapositions:
chaos and discipline, aggression and melancholia,
agitation and calm. A surging expulsion of pure emotion"

This ep is limited to 150 copies so don't sleep on it!! pick it up here
Check out more Bleakwood cuts here

Cheers to Foul is Fair Records for the advance tracks!(and the ep)