Friday, April 2, 2010

In Nomine Christi - Quo Vadis? LP

Germany's In Nomine Christi is the new band of the former Dekadent singer/ bassist Jogi and guitarist Hippy with some additional vocals by Tanja (also ex-Dekadent). The band uses a drum machine and samples as opposed to having a drummer. They play a mixture of the slow plodding pace Crust similar to Amebix meets the Industrial flavorings of Godflesh and early Pitchshifter, they also throw in faster more straight forward hardcore at times. Lyrics are in German and are highly political dealing the negative aspects of church, today's life, media and modern science but with an even more personal touch than they did in Dekadent. All in all this is a solid release and its refreshing to hear bands that don't do the typical punk sound and are willing to experiment a little bit outside the genre's confines. This should still be available from the label here or here or if you are in the US order here

get the 7" here