Thursday, September 24, 2009

Immortal - all shall fall

After 6 years of silence Norway's Immortal return with their 8th album and it sounds like they haven't lost a step whatsoever. What more can I say about this? You SHOULD already be familiar with this band if not then shame on you. And if by some chance you haven't heard them then this is good place to start. Album drops the 25th of September in Europe and October 6th in the US. Buy it here or here.

Instinct of Survival - north of nowhere, south of somewhen

I am finally back from the dead!

Instinct of Survival hail from Hamburg, Germany and as the name would suggest they play a noisy raw grind core ala early Napalm Death....a few years ago you would be right to make that assumption. But, that is no longer the case they have refined their sound and now play something more in line with bands such as Axegrinder, Deviated Instinct, Hellshock, Stormcrow. Enough Crust to keep the stinky crusties happy and enough Metal to keep the hair farmers' hair swingin round and round.One of the better crust records released this year. Get the CD here. Vinyl here. Shirts here.