Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Saké 10"

as promised here is the excellent 10" done by Saké. 5 more tracks of top notch dark "crusty" hardcore for those of you into Ojorojo, Zero Hour, early Neurosis, later Anti Product, Dystopiayou get the idea. if you loved the 7" you'll love this.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Bleakwood - blood and faith 7"

Another one man band post

Bleakwood from Sydney, Australia is the brainchild of Dan Nahum (drummer for Ironwood and Infinitum. ) But this project is a departure from both bands Ironwood is Progressive/Folk Metal and Infinitum is Death Metal...Bleakwood is 100% black metal and this release has easily become one of my favorite of this year. And as the label puts it...

"Blood & Faith
is a record of extreme juxtapositions:
chaos and discipline, aggression and melancholia,
agitation and calm. A surging expulsion of pure emotion"

This ep is limited to 150 copies so don't sleep on it!! pick it up here
Check out more Bleakwood cuts here

Cheers to Foul is Fair Records for the advance tracks!(and the ep)


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cogs and Sprockets - in the kingdom of the blind

Cogs and Sprockets is another local "band" which I really can't say its a band since it is the work of one person. Mr. Andres Wade. And if you live in Vegas you know Andres is typically a drummer having drummed for Grimbus, Rippin' Shit, Bodies Burn, Sutured Esophagus, The Naturals etc. With Cogs and Sprockets he unleashes a relentless barrage of noisy Grind Core. The drums are the driving force to the music (which is to be expected). The guitars bears some resemblance to Napalm Death's "scum" only noisier and the overall experience will leave your head spinning cos in the short span of 1 minute and 44 seconds 11 songs (one of them a 324 cover)drop like a bomb and leave you wondering what the fuck just happened. This tape is limited to 35 copies and I believe is already sold out. There are other releases in the works and will be out shortly keep tabs on it here.