Thursday, August 6, 2009

Saké ep

Saké was from Eureka, CA and also released a 10" and a split LP with Vancouver's Submission Hold (I think thats all they released?). Both of which I will most likely post up soon. I don't really know much about the band's history and there really isn't any info I could find on them. Musically they were a bit similar to Dystopia and first album Neurosis at times but with the addition of a violin and female vocals. This 7" came out in '96 or so and was released by the now defunct Hopscotch Records although there is a label with the same name that is currently active. Out of all of Saké's releases I think this is the only one still available through Ebullition so if you dig it order it! (to order from Ebullition you have to spend at least 100$ cos their prices on everything are wholesale prices so you can get a ton of stuff for mad cheap!) So for the mean time enjoy this slab of greatness and look out for their other releases posted up on here soon.

Guts Pie Earshot - wait LP

Guts Pie Earshot are an experimental punk band from Germany and have existed since about 1993 This LP was released back in 1999 (and is their 2nd full length) by Skuld Releases which is more known for releasing punk on the hardcore and crust side of things and this albums stands out quite a bit. Immediately what stood out to me when I got this record was the use of a cello instead of a guitar although I think there is some use of guitar on this unless its distorted cello? I'm not quite sure their website doesn't mention them ever having a guitar player at all though. Their sound is a bit troublesome to pin down because there is a variety of influences from classical, middle eastern, jazz, drum n bass, punk. All topped off with some beautiful female vocals. The lyrics aren't really political at all they are on the poetic/personal side of things and I guess you can say "emo" before the term got ruined by what "emo" is now a days .The last track on here is an instrumental live track that is purely drum and bass. I believe its a preview to the album they released after this wich was purely instrumental drum bass and cello (I have yet to hear it though). Guts Pie Earshot still exist today as a cello and drum two piece. You can find their website here.
This was ripped from the LP and you can hear the crackles from it I'm not that tech savvy so I don't really know how to clean this up but its not bothersome at all to me since Im hearing those noises when I listen to the LP.

you can find another one of their albums here