Monday, October 26, 2009

Bleakwood - blood and faith 7"

Another one man band post

Bleakwood from Sydney, Australia is the brainchild of Dan Nahum (drummer for Ironwood and Infinitum. ) But this project is a departure from both bands Ironwood is Progressive/Folk Metal and Infinitum is Death Metal...Bleakwood is 100% black metal and this release has easily become one of my favorite of this year. And as the label puts it...

"Blood & Faith
is a record of extreme juxtapositions:
chaos and discipline, aggression and melancholia,
agitation and calm. A surging expulsion of pure emotion"

This ep is limited to 150 copies so don't sleep on it!! pick it up here
Check out more Bleakwood cuts here

Cheers to Foul is Fair Records for the advance tracks!(and the ep)


Anonymous said...

who the fuck is bleakwood? never heard of them (him). awesome tracks though.

Petya V said...

is Fire:Water:Ash the only Ironwood release?

Painajainen said...

they also have an ep out