Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alarido - s/t cassette

So my band members and I talked about it and we decided we would go ahead and share the entire recording with you all especially since we are still relatively unknown. We did however play a couple shows in early January in Long Beach and in Fullerton and we had a special pressing of this cassette of 50 with us for those shows since the pro printed cassettes were still being made. but anyway on to a little info about us....

Alarido is a 4 piece crust/"d-beat" band with some black metal influences and we come from Las Vegas, NV we have all been a part of various projects through out the years. And our bass player even spent some time as a touring member of Resistant Culture in 2008 (name drop heh) In early 2010 the band came to life but wasn't complete until the final pieces of the puzzle fell into place in September 2010 with the addition of a very talented female guitar player and the vocalist. These tracks were recorded in December 2010 and we are in process of writing new material for our second cassette due to come out sometime this year.

the line up consists of...

Ralph - drums
Chelly - guitar
Mike - bass
and myself (Adrian)- vocals

hope you enjoy what you hear and if you would like to purchase our cassette please do so, it can be ordered from here. Distros get in touch as well!

feel free to write a review and re post the link on your own blog, but please mention where you can purchase the tape!!!

also if you are in the Las Vegas area or down to travel we will be having a record swap/pot luck and tape release show on February 26th with 2 amazing bands from Los Angeles.. Mata Mata and Tuberculosis. peep the flyer here.

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