Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ikuinen Kaamos - Closure ep

Ikuinen Kaamos are from Joensuu, Finland. And in their early years were more on the Black Metal end of the spectrum but as the band matured so did their sound incorporating elements of Death Doom and Progressive metal. They released a full length called "The Forlorn" back in 2006 and these 3 songs come from what was supposed to be their second album but the label that was putting it out backed out due to financial reasons so the band put this up on their website / Myspace . But if you knew that you would have done it by now thats why I'm sharing it with you.
But anyways, this ep has an Opeth vibe to it from around the "my arms, your hearse" & "still life" days but its not what I'd call a clone or worship band. At first listen I was put off by the clean vocals cos they came off as nasally and whiny but the music already had me sucked in so I was looking past them, then his guttural lows come in and my opinion went out the window suddenly everything made sense. The last track on here clocks in at 12+ minutes and is completely epic! This has been on heavy rotation for me for a couple months now and I like it more with each listen. So what are you waiting for? Click that link down there NOW!


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