Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Third World War - lost in a police state + comp tracks

Where to start about this really I don't know should I just give you the band history in a nutshell? Yeah, let's do that...

Shortly after the break up of The End when (bass player Geoff left to play for Curl Up And Die) (*edit* The End lasted a little bit longer after that when Squash took over on bass duties for a bit. I just now remembered, damn old age)
guitarist/vocalist Pit and drummer Keil recruited 2 new members Brian on bass and Matty on 2nd guitar/vocals. They began to immediately work on new songs and began to play a few shows. The first couple times they played was in the summer of 1999 they played on a Saturday and Sunday if im not mistaken. But anyway, It's needless to say they instantly became my favorite local band and It's during that weekend that I became friends with them. During that summer they recorded 2 tracks for the "Abcess Operandi" LP which was the first release for Seattle based label Aborted Society. The Comp also featured Axiom, Planet Trash, Scathed, Riot/Clone, Whorehouse of Representatives Toxic Narcotic etc . Shortly after that Brian decided to leave the band and Matty switched over to bass. The following spring they recorded this demo (which after the initial run of cd-r's were sold out the word demo was taken off the disc) The first four songs on this are in the UK82 hardcore punk vein and were the earliest songs written by them. Tracks 5-8 are the direction the band started going into a thrashy crust punk sound and one of the tracks was a re done version of the former band (The End). I had the honor of doing vocals for a few shows and working on new songs with them but by this time the band began to dissolve with some of the members branching out to different ventures. These days Pit is in Philly and is still making music with his band Moon Women, Matty is rapping now and goes under the moniker of Slug One, Keil lives in Portand and is also making music with his band Starfucker.(he now lives in LA, not sure if he is still a member of said band) Enjoy this little piece of Las Vegas history.