Friday, July 24, 2009

Lack of Knowledge - The Grey CD

I must have been living under a rock to let this band pass under my radar for so many years. I had heard the name kicked around for a long ass time since my early teens and knew they were part of the Crass records camp which produced some of my favorite bands ever (aside from Crass) ...Rudimentary Peni, Omega Tribe, Flux of Pink Indians, Zounds, The Mob, Alternative, Anthrax(uk) etc. But surprisingly enough I never got around to checking them out. So when I came across this CD at my local shop used and in the metal section, I didn't give it a second though I picked it up immediately. So as I'm driving home I popped this bad boy in the CD player and what emanated from the speakers was something absolutely wonderful. There's hints of all the greats in this Joy Division, The Mob, Bauhaus, The Cure.
So naturally I did a little research on Lack of Knowledge and come to find out Phil Barker and Tony Barber were both in this band and we all know (or do we?) that they both went on to play for The Buzzcocks (Tony Barber is still currently in the band) that just made The Buzzcocks even cooler in my book haha. So yea, This CD compiles their 1984 "grey" 7" on Crass Records and 1985 "Sirens are back" LP on Corpus Christi Records (an offshoot of the Crass label) The track listing differs from the original vinyl releases but who really cares about that all that matters is that this is some really great music.

Part 1

Part 2


death in bodies said...

I've been dying to hear this for some time now. Thanks for posting this!

Painajainen said...

you're welcome!

jimmyC said...

thanks for keeping this alive