Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lugubrum - de vette cuecken

Here we have Lugubrum from Belgium and this is my favorite release by them, that's not saying all of their releases aren't good this is just the one come back to most often. It's nice and raw like their previous albums in a Darkthrone kind of fashion but on this album they seemed to step it up a notch and took what they were doing before and added a sludgy quality to the riffing. Kind of like if Black Sabbath decided to put out a raw black metal album but still that comparison doesn't do this justice. Another little extra they throw on this album is their use of a saxophone on several songs and in addition to that a banjo and a mandolin. Alot of typical black metal fans find this band a bit too bizzare for their liking but that's truly their loss if they aren't willing to open their mind to something a little different.


Lax Charisma said...

Just listening to this now.
I'm liking it but you know I was kind of expecting itto be more bizarre.
It's still a pretty straight up sounding album to me.
Enjoying it muchly though. Thanks for introducing me to them.

Painajainen said...

you got to have the lyrics and their whole approach to things to really get how weird these guys are..visit their website

Lax Charisma said...

Will do. Cheers.

RyGar said...

Thanks. Weird=Good in my book.

Mick said...

Thanks for letting me hear this band. Love the dirty sound!